Automation of business processes is necessary to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. It allows to get better control over business processes, optimizes resource utilization, improves forecasting accuracy, and speeds up decision-making. 

The First Bit team has extensive experience in automating key business processes of an enterprise - production, procurement, sales, CRM, HRM, etc.


Bitrix 24. CRM & corporate portal

Teamwork, communications and corporate culture through functionality:

  • BPMN (modeling and automation of business processes) 
  • Extranet (communication via Bitrix with external agents) 
  • HR management (onboarding, employee account, time tracking, travel arrangements, company structure)
  • Project management (setting and controlling tasks, tools for kanban, Gantt charts and other methods)
  • Document flow (storage and approval of documents, work with electronic applications)
  • Information channels with the ability to fine-tune the roles
  • CRM – management and automation for sales and marketing, customer base management
  • Social network – communication in chats, groups

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Robotic process automation based on PIX RPA

PIX RPA – software robots for solving routine tasks:
  • Accounting and Finance: monthly / quarterly / yearly reporting, payment processing, counterparty data management, order and contract mirroring etc. 
  • HR: CV parsing, processing of incoming requests, assistance in interview scheduling, new employee onboarding and access granting, initial training, invoice processing etc.
  • Procurement and Logistics: Supply and demand analysis, order and price monitoring, return processing, contract management, optimal route selection etc.
  • IT: Server and application monitoring, work with internal email services and their restrictions, backup processing, user credential management etc.
  • Customer Support: Customer appeal handling, automated order processing, order support and monitoring, document workflow management etc.
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Business intelligence systems

BI system is an irreplaceable tool for business management and decision-making. The system collects information from various sources and presents the analysis results in the form of tables and dashboards with visualization.
First Bit specialists have extensive experience in implementing BI systems from various vendors:

  • PIX BI
  • Power BI
  • Qlik Sense
  • Tableau
  • Visiology
  • Modus BI

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