Corporate Projects

Dedication and understanding

FirstBIT can implement corporate projects of any complexity and scale. Our company developed projects in the oil and gas industry, in construction and manufacturing. Our work is fast and efficient.

Our company has a six-stage approach to each project:

1: Project Scoping

During this stage we thoroughly discuss client’s IT requirements, budget and timing. Then comes the initial review and detailed project plan with all the required

documentation (such as technical specifications, risk assessment report, terms and conditions, work schedule).

2: Modeling

We conduct modeling exercises to ensure the work of every aspect of the system. This process helps us to identify weak spots and any potential shortcomings of the system before it’s implemented. After that we “road-test” the system to deliver the expected.

At this stage it is possible to see the system manage your operations, observe changes in the work process.

3: Design

Our team will work closely with the client’s IT department to deliver a system that fits perfectly. In order to expedite product delivery, we offer customization for each business function: CRM, warehousing/stock, ERP and more.

4: Development

Our company develops the software system according to the agreed specifications and client’s needs. A technical manual is created; it provides step-by-step guidance for software configuration and operation.

5: Implementation

The implementation of new software has been designed to provide uninterrupted flow of our client’s day-to-day work.

Our software imports all the data from client’s existing systems. We offer staff training and a warning system to fix any problems.

6: Support

We offer maintenance and software upgrades. We provide technical support so that our systems help our clients work with efficiency and flexibility. Our service team is available to resolve any questions.

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