Sales reps and merchandisers automation

We help you manage your field data

FirstBIT CATCH is a state-of-the-art sales representative and merchandiser automation system, optimised for mobile devices. For sales managers, it manages, collects and processes field information. And if you have sales reps or merchandisers that are responsible for instore stock as well as merchandise display, then FirstBIT CATCH is even more essential for you!

FirstBIT CATCH is much more than just an inventory system! It also can help to control the layout of products, structure the work of sales reps and merchandisers and even increase their motivation to cover more outlets per day!

How do we help you increase financial efficiency?

  • It takes just 2 minutes from taking an order to processing it
  • Data collection involves 58% less manual operations
  • Enjoy its unlimited data capacity – limited only by your server space

Our advantages:

  • Automatic bonuses and KPI calculations: you can modify targets for the month and your sales reps see the bonuses they get for exceeding their targets.
  • Linked to GPS: you can see the geographical location of your sales rep.
  • Surveys: give sales reps structured surveys to collect all required information in the field.
  • Customization: we will happily tailor the system to your particular needs.

If you are in the following sectors:

  • FMCG
  • food
  • beverages
  • fashion and luxury goods
  • tobacco

then learn more about this wonderful app, by visiting

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