Manage your sales in a new way

We offer a modular system for retail automation that allows managing a store of any size and complexity.

The new platform allows to:

  • Analyze information
  • Spot market trends
  • Access web and mobile apps
  • Have stock control
  • Build easy-to-read diagrams
  • Access to any store in the chain
  • Use reward cards
  • Work with all peripheral equipment

FirstBIT Retail is compatible with POS systems and peripheral equipment (barcode readers, label printers, data collection terminals and more)

We have an extensive experience in retail and want to deliver the best possible customer experience. At the same time, we want to increase:

  • Staff efficiency
  • Transaction speed
  • Promotion quality
  • Stock turnover

FirstBIT Retail optimizes financial and operating performance, making it transparent and efficient.

The platform is a custom-made package. The software has a feedback loop. We base our product on experience. With FirstBIT Retail you will increase sales and considerably reduce expenses.

Increase your sales margins!

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