FirstBIT MyDaycare

Daycare Management Solution

MyDaycare is Your Software Solution for All Your Daycare Needs

Looking to automate all of your administrative and internal processes using a single, comprehensive software solution?

Imagine not having to worry about your day-to-day administrative activities due to manual processing. With FirstBIT MyDaycare you can do just that. MyDaycare is an automated software solution that has been developed to provide an optimal administrative experience by cutting down the costs associated with tedious, repetitive manual tasks.

MyDaycare uses a leading “back-office” system and a game-changing interface that allows for the management of all internal processes and parent/child/staff information. Compatible with any other software platform, you can integrate MyDaycare with your accounting solution. Designed to help you automate all administrative and internal processes, MyDaycare is a fully customizable and scalable web-based automation software platform.

Upgrade your administrative processes with:

  • Full automation of student attendance
  • Payroll details
  • Historical data archive; and,
  • Much, much more.

Impact Your Business in a Big Way

An added benefit of this type of system is the ability to fully manage marks and grades, implement student progress reports, meal plans and faculty work load management. The leading childcare center management solution saves you time and provides an array of functionalities that are easy to use under a single, uniform, all-encompassing software platform. This reduces duplicate data entry and acquires major saving on management overhead.

No matter the scope and size of your facility, MyDaycare works to manage your entire business. Easy-to-use and configurable, MyDaycare allows you to run your facility easily and efficiently while helping to provide a better experience for users.

The automated platform is also Mobile compatible and is built on top of a mobility computing operating system. The mobile app will help you achieve consistency in your entire business process, wherever and anytime.

Stop worrying about time constraints as a result of the tedious, repetitive tasks of administration as well as internal employee management. FirstBIT MyDaycare can take care of all your administrative needs with great flexibility to ensure you stay on top of important decision-making processes and ‘big picture’ solutions to impact your business where it counts.

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