Ready-made ERP solution for trading companies

FirstBIT ERP is a complete ERP system designed to automate all business processes of a small or mid-sized trading company.*

It allows easily deal with sales, purchasing, inventory, production, accounting, and HR by just one user-friendly program. For owners and managers it's a simple tool to control all the company business activities and employees.

The software greatly improves work efficiency, optimize internal communications and communications with partners, and provides wide range of analytics helping owners and decision makers go the right way.

Our ERP system allows to generate, print, send by email, and save on a computer all the necessary documents, including reports. It has project management module with task lists for employees, KPI tracking, and many other useful components and functions.

Key features:

  • Ready-made
  • Ability to customize workflow
  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • Intuitive graphical UI with Unicode
  • User right setting, multi-level access
  • Ability to work with various database management systems
  • Web interface
  • Either on premise, or cloud-based
  • All modules for one price

*The program is also easily adaptable to meet the requirements of businesses of other types and sizes.

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