FirstBIT BonAppetit

FirstBIT BonAppetit

An ideal solution for restaurant business (front, back offices and equipment). FirstBIT BonAppetit suits every dining venue: small local places and big restaurant chains, catering companies and bars.

Your results:

  • Effective centralized management system
  • Fast and efficient service
  • More attention to guest suggestions: table booking, electronic menu, changes in recipes
  • Continuous work of cash-desk, with different operating modes (offline and online)

Over 2,500 restaurants around the world improved their businesses with us!

FirstBIT BonAppetit offers customizable interfaces to match branding style and use:

  • The waiter interface offers easy management of orders and tables, fits classic restaurants and cafes
  • The waiter interface allows taking orders on mobile devices
  • The bartender/cashier interface offers quick and easy sale procedure, fits bars and coffee-shops
  • The administrator interface offers menu editing, sales reports, user rights administration and more, fits all kids.

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