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FirstBIT offers effective automation solutions:

ERP system is designed to automate all business operations of a small or mid-sized trading company. It's perfect for record automation, control and planning.

Hotel offers a new standard in Property Management Systems. It automates all services, allows using Internet booking, and integrates with Sales Distribution channels.

BonAppetit was created for restaurant business. It suits small places and chains, catering companies and bars. It has user-friendly interface and gives total control on the work.

Retail offers a modular system for retail automation. It brings control on each level, information on stocks and has web and mobile applications.

Finance is our Corporate Performance Management system. It offers speed and efficiency, full information and easy-to-read charts, OLAP and balance sheet.

QlikView is a Business Intelligence solution, created by QlikTech. It delivers unparalleled analysis, accessibility from mobile devices, consolidation of data in one application.

DataTrack is a mobile app created to show crucial business indicators in real time. It collects information on cash flow, revenue, stock, payable accounts.

BITCatch is an automation system designed for sales representative and merchandisers. It has a mobile app, shows KPI, accounts for inventory, assists with product layout and representatives schedule.

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