Quelle is an online and catalogue marketplace, exclusively offering more than 1 million new Electronics and Home sector products. It chose First BIT for its Russian ERP system.

German-based Quelle is successful and very well-established in the Russian market via its mail order catalogues and website. It needed a new ERP system that would produce financial and tax statements compliant with Russian accounting standards, and that would generate IFRS-compliant financial reports simultaneously.

The chosen supply partner was First BIT, implementing its 1C:Enterprise 8 Manufacturing Enterprise Management system. The partnership successfully achieved these results:

  • automatic recording of all business transactions within the company’s international accounts structure
  • Full customisation taking into account the one-to-one relationships between parent company and affiliated contractors
  • including intangible asset amortisation in its IFRS accounts
  • automatic calculation of advertising expenditure in line with parent company requirements
  • financial cost centre expense accounting
  • all reports complying with German parent’s standards

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