Laboratoires BOIRON is a global leader in homeopathic medicines. Their rapidly-growing affiliate Boiron needed a corporate information system.

First BIT carried out the implementation of 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 for Boiron in Russia. New medicine launches, their growing distribution network and expanding staff numbers created an urgent need for a comprehensive CIS (Corporate Information System).

Boiron chose this system thanks to the reputation and experience of First BIT in implementing CIS. They were able to automate a whole host of functions, including –

  • sales management
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • payroll and other HR functions
  • financial and tax accounting (inc. IFRS reports)

The result was that Boiron was able to exploit new opportunities to expand its distribution network. First BIT’s solution also resulted in more efficient monitoring of sales and costs, and Boiron reduced the gap between its targets and actual performance.

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