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Despite being the No.1 retail chain of designer furniture in the UAE, in the past Casanova had numerous and recurring information management issues. Fine furniture articles used to be forgotten in the warehouse, mistakenly sold multiple times, or accidentally allocated to an incoming client order after being long reserved for another waiting customer. Manufactured in Europe, each item would travel to the company's Dubai warehouses for about five weeks, and every order-handling error caused more waiting for customers, frequently ending with canceled orders and discount sales of outdated collections.

In search of a solution, Casanova enlisted the services of the Dubai office of First BIT. The software development company came up with its flagship product, FirstBIT ERP – a comprehensive business automation and information management system. The First BIT experts started with analyzing the specifics of Casanova business model, its processes, requirements, and objectives, as well as the causes of errors and issues. Once the analysis was complete, the IT professionals deployed the First BIT ERP solution for ten users on the Casanova office network and trained Casanova employees on best practices of using the software.

CasanovaThanks to the new functionality provided by FirstBIT ERP, the Casanova team got rid of the old errors. The entire item movement from the purchasing order stage to the delivery of the client order became well-controlled. All aspects of Casanova business operation, such as sales, accounting, HR, inventory, and strategic decision-making, have been significantly improved by the new effective information management system. A wide variety of important tasks, including preparation of financial reports, precise item search in the inventory, client relations recording, employee performance evaluation, etc., have become automated, resulting in noticeable overall improvement and sales increase.

The FirstBIT ERP software is a perfect product for business automation intended primarily for small and medium-sized trading companies. It comes with a broad range of useful tools and features – to mention one, its accounting functionality is fully compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

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