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In January 2013 FirstBIT opened a branch in Dubai. In April we finished the automation of Umi Sushi restaurant and by May our company successfully implemented the ERP system in the company Gamma Tech FZE. 
Umi Sushi restaurant was open in Dubai six years ago and specializes in Japanese national food. After viral success and growth the management saw the need to improve some aspects of restaurant’s work: record and account systems. The implementation of our ERP system took only two weeks and the difference in the process was notorious. Chief accountant Umi Sushi: “Only after a few days since the system start, it was clear what a significant time difference is between performance of many important tasks before and after - for example, preparation of a single report took several hours and now it takes a few minutes. Thus we can estimate data from different aspects, we can see the outcome and all the expenses. Another bonus for us is flexibility of the system - we easily adjusted it to our own specifics, and in future we will be able to expand it easily if it is required”. 

Gamma Tech FZE specializes in air conditioning and water handling in the oil and gas sector. Untli recently the company didn’t have any automation and was working on obsolete account software. The management of the company chooses FirstBIT to deliver one. We successfully implanted ERP system and achieved the following improvements: 

  • Unified clients and orders base 
  • Automatic document creation 
  • Improved relationship with clients 
  • Automation of logistics 
  • Clear system of deliveries 

Project manager Gamma Tech FZE: We got a system that lets us work comfortably. The automation of some work processes makes our work easier and faster. The biggest advantage for us is the clarity and organization of the data, now we can just see the whole chain of documents and see the picture. It helped the accuracy of accounting and the management itself.

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