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FirstBIT in Canada

Our company has taken a major step to increase its international presence acquiring Valmax Solutions Inc, a Canadian software systems provider.

Volmax team is a significant addition to our company and it enhances the ability to provide the best possible solution to clients all over the world.

FirstBIT and Valmax – a perfect result

Valmax products are compatible with FirstBIT products. Now, FirstBIT Group intends to launch its solutions in Canada, but it also means that Valmax products will be now available all over the world.

Valmax clients:

Lise Waiter – a Canadian cosmetics company.

Valmax created a custom built software that helps import data from all departments via SQL-server databases and then analyzes it to bring better day-to-day management. The modules include:

  • Training
  • Sales operation
  • Warehouse (walk-in) Sales
  • Quality control
  • Administration

Epices de Cru – a Canadian import company that specializes in spices from all over the world. The company then packs the spices in Montreal.

Valmax offered a solution that consists of breaking the lifecycle of a product in smaller stages, that improves trackability and control:

  • Receiving raw products
  • Handling in
  • Producing
  • Packaging
  • Sales

At each stage the system gathers information on stock and individual components. Barcodes maintain accurate recording and decrease a chance of human error. Finally, the product is shipped and an invoice is generated, that is linked to a third party account system.

Intermark Transport – an American large logistics and freight haulage company, that also offers brokerage services.

Intermark uses the complex Dispatch system. The system itself has multiple levels, and the Main Board shows the shipping status and full consignment details for all jobs.

Dispatch gives a chance to print forms, create or copy jobs and there is a search engine with advanced features. Also, it handles the load being transported and its financial information (careers used, reports and more), and automats the process.

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